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Sprint Mobile Support Ticket - Gurnee, Illinois - Gurnee Spring Store - Totally Unacceptable

Sprint Mobile Support Ticket - Gurnee, Illinois

Gurnee Spring Store - Totally Unacceptable

Created By: thiskidsdun's Picture thiskidsdun Last Reply: thiskidsdun's Picture thiskidsdun
Priority Level: [Low] Status: [Open]
Created: 7 years ago Last Updated: 7 years ago
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I am going to say right up front that we own two businesses and I am admittedly impatient with another business' ability to resolve what should be simple problems in a coureous and expedient manner.

We have used Sprint for years now, we generally have six or seven phones on the simply anything plan and four or five mobile hotspots at any one time. I have put up with repeated overbillings and failure by Sprint to live up to its promises to us including (but certainly not limited to):

Being charged full-price for four replacement hotspots even though we were promised that they would be sent at no charge because the first ones that we purchased simply continued to stop working and needed to be replaced over and over again. Oh yes and to add insult to injury when I needed to disconnect one of the hotspots I was informed that I would have to pay a disconnection fee because it was free. It took several hours to reach a customer service rep who understood that even though we were promised that they were free we ended up paying full price and so they were not free.

Being told at the Gurnee (6557 Grand Avenue) location that they could not put in a claim for insurance when I needed a new phone and that I would need to buy a new phone and then put in the claim for the insurance on the phone. Turned out to be a total lie since I now am out the insurance since Sprint tells me that I can only put in an insurance claim while the phone is active and since I activated a new phone I cannot put in a claim.

Consistent turning on and off of the wrong phone lines apparently due to the fact that two of our phone lines end in the same four numbers and every time we try to make changes to anything with one of those lines something happens and the other one is turned off, changed to a wireless hotspot...something.

And finally...the absolute last straw was yesterday. Monday morning. Phone calls to make. I go to use my Sprint Phone to make a call and receive the error message that the account cannot be verified. I call Sprint because this is obviously a mix-up with the other 0200 number and they need to correct the information in their system (having this happen many times, yes I do know what needs to be done). But no, the rep wants to trouble shoot the phone. I explain that the phone is not malfunctioning. It was working perfectly and then this so it is something in their system and can they look at that. The rep insists that I need another phone and we will trouble shoot this phone. I explain that I do not have another phone were I am and need them to just fix the issue in their system. We go on like this and finally I am transferred to another rep where we have the exact conversation. An hour or so later and I am getting nowhere. I do a bit of work ... semi hoping that the problem will resolve on its own. No such luck so I call again. Another hour wasted on the phone. So I figure I will go to the Sprint store. I walk in (and again...I am admittedly very cranky by now). I explain to the employee what is going on with the phone. He proceeds to take out the battery and tell me that the phone got wet. I say no, it was working fine this is just a problem in the Sprint system. He argues with me and shows me a pink area on the battery ?????. Whatever, again I explain that the phone is working FINE I just cannot make calls. He takes the phone and goes over to his computer and then tells me that the phone is wrong or stolen or ??? since the phone is registered as a palm centro and the phone I have is a Samsung Galaxy S. I repeat that there must be an error in the computer. He argues with me that the phone is the wrong phone. I again explain that the phone was working at 8:30 am and then stopped working. It is NOT the wrong phone. In fact it was purchased at that very Sprint store just a few months before to replace my other phone (the one that I got cheated out of the insurance for by the same Sprint store btw). The rep tells me that the I did not purchase the phone there, that the COMPUTER says that the phone was never anywhere near that store, etc. At that point I tell the Sprint rep that he is incompetent (and yes I imagine I was not the nicest person in the universe at that point but I do not like to be called a liar). The rep then tells me that he will not fix the phone and I need to call customer service. I tell him that I tried customer service and they could not fix the issue because they refused to listen to what I knew the problem was. The Manager of the store Mike then walks over as I am demanding that they listen to me and fix the phone which will take about 30 seconds. Mike tells me to get out of the store since I am trespassing and he will call the police if I do not leave. WOW. Like I said, I was upset and probably ruder than I should have been but seriously. I tell him that is ridiculous but he proceeds to throw me out of the store. I am parked right out front and sit on my car hood to call Sprint customer service again...and am on the phone speaking to them when the police actually come and tell me that Mike has called them because I am disturbing the peace. I ask them how I am disturbing the police by sitting on the hood of my car speaking on the phone and the office tells me well it is my word against the word of the four people who work in the store. (HMMM....wonder who is telling the truth).

In any event, I went over to the T-Mobile Store across the road to check out what they have to offer and then drove the 10ish miles to the Sprint Store in Antioch. Went in, the rep there actually listened to what I had to say. They fixed the issue (which was that the phone number had been unassigned) in about 30 seconds and tried to help undo the insurance catastrophe caused by the Gurnee Sprint store.

Have to say...I am almost 50 years old, have had my own business for over 20 years and have NEVER been treated this way by any retailer.


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